L. Ron Hubbard did it, why can't I?



Allow me to enlighten all of my Ebaum's dwelling children of the light that you can behold through Schetwador! The most amazing (totally not made up) and uplifting religious experience since the cock push-up. For just the miniscule price of two hundred seventy three dollars and forty one cents, you will be taught the truths of our righteous and spiritually enlightening (not at all fake) religion. Join our group right here on Ebaum's World by clicking the link at the top of this blog, then send your paypal donation of $273.41 to our noble (definitely real) cause! Learn about the wonders and mysteries of your own sacred crotch, bask in the glory of the holy phallus, become one with all that touches our jewels. Eternal happiness is only $272.41 away, why let something as trivial as money stand in your way of becoming a disciple of the 'Grand Slab' or a sister of the 'Onerous Labia'. This is your chance for a lifetime and after life of absolute bliss! Join our humble (and not at all fictitious) flock today!

Uploaded 03/07/2009
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