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hi there, wondering if anybody can give me some tips on getting my erep points higher, im on pretty consistently, but cant really seem to get the points up, it seems like its impossible to get it to 100k or even higher, or in my case just to 10k, anyways also im curious if anyone has actually received any of the shit they applied for, it seems i always hear that people applied months and months ago yet still havent heard shit, idk how ebaums is even able to raise the capital to raise such prizes! but anyways id like to have some intelligent answers on this one, seems like there are an abundant amount of immature kids/people on here and think its funny to reply with really retarded/ignorant comments so...........having that said...................must be 18 or older to reply.........NO PARENT SIGNATURES ALLOWED!

Kyle22 Uploaded 03/27/2009
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