Cuddle slut

I was used. I was used for cuddling. She got what she wanted. But what about what I want. What about sex?

We held each other in bed. We spooned. We caressed. All that crap she wanted to do. But when it came to something I wanted. Something I find emotionally fulfilling... she's all like "But I hardly know you!" But you know me well enough to snuggle!


My friends have lost all respect for me. They're calling me a cuddle-slut. That I give ALL men a bad name.

And they're right. From now on, I will NEVER cuddle with a bim until she shows me she's SERIOUS about blowing me.

Because girls will say or do ANYTHING to get the cuddle. They will talk all kinds of shit about what they will do to you once you get home if only you'll hold their hand in public. Or -- oh God -- carry their purse while they hunt for Mary Janes at Payless.

Women are pigs. And once they get what THEY want -- will they let you hump their face and pull their hair? No.


I'm so tired of being used by women. From this point forward I am saving cuddling for marriage. No more one-night cuddle stands. If a bim wants to cuddle with ME, she has to COMMIT to frequent sex acts -- possibly involving mirrors and Duncan Hines Frosted Vanilla icing.

Uploaded 04/02/2009
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