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Don't kill yourself you pussy


All you ever see on the news are murder/suicides, guys killing their whole family and then killing themselves because of "hard times".

In my book, you kill yourself and your a pussy. nothing more and nothing less. Not to mention eternity in hell on top of your title of big fucking pussy.

You mean to tell me life has got you so down that it makes you wanna die and take others with you? You will kill your whole family? You gotta be a sick, weak man to kill your own son and daughter. This culture that we have grown into is kinda disgusting and all that it makes me do is think about the future my children are going to live in, and their children so on and I believe it is something that cannot be reversed.


So before you decide to act out before you think, chill the fuck out and remember if you kill yourself you are a big fucking pussy.


Eastside_Dave Uploaded 04/03/2009
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