un-fucking-fair taxes

So a little bit ago, i wrote a blog about the fed's taxing cigs and alcohol. then i read some blogs and comments about people thinking cigs and alcohol should be taxed.

Well, i give you a big fuck you, you selfish bastards. Why tax something only half the population buys. Why? because they're bad habits. i should quit my bad habits, right? FUCK YOU!!

we all have some kind of vice. mine is drinking and smoking. yours might be eating, gambling, ect... so why just tax me and my fellow drinkers? its bullshit.

im sure some asshole on his high horse is gonna comment about cigs and drinking is bad and how he/she don't do it. its awesome for you because you don't get taxed, why, because your a fucking douche bag?

bottom line, tax something everyone uses. be fair. maybe gas, or maybe create a federal sales tax on ALL GOODS. actually, if they created a federal sales tax for all goods and abolished income tax, everyone would pay the same tax. illegal immagrates or people who make money under the table would now be paying the same taxes as everyone else.

 Fuck you selfish assholes. For the people on my side, give them selfish assholes a big fuck you with me...

Uploaded 04/10/2009
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