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There is a subject that I have came upon today, and I must say I'm quite bothered by it. It so happens that a few states including Louisiana are considering banning pitbulls. In my opinion, an animal reflects on its owners intentions and behaviors. banning pitbulls are just the same as racial profiling, you can't proof a dog to be a pitbull since it is not a official breed, It is not listed in the AKC. A pitbull is just a dog breed for a certain look. If you live in a state that has banned pitbulls there is a way for you to keep your dog by DNA testing your dog to see what breed is your dog, Most likely it wont turn out as Pitbull since it is not a official breed. Pitbulls can be very good pets, and great guardians. This is like singling out an animal just because it has a bad reputation.

volcomelement34 Uploaded 04/13/2009
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