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The mystical Cooter finger...


Okay everybody, I;m neurotic and I get that. However there are somethings that are hard for me to understand. I was just thinking a minute ago out of the clear blue about the vag. I have noticed that women will stick a finger in their cooter then lick it clean. Now I like the cooze just as much as the next guy, but it got me thinking. I love my penis, it's been through some rough and tumble times with me. Yet I have never handled my cock the n licked my palm, can't do it. On the other hand I can get that girls want to orally ingest him, and that as a guy I am a cunt lapper, but the thought of tasting my own man meat brings the gorge into my esophagus. I just don't get it. Somebody break it down for me.

Kezreal22 Uploaded 04/15/2009
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