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All bloggers....


All bloggers lose their virginity to cucumbers.  Every single male blogger here sucks dick for banana bread because they aren't even cool enough to be cocaine users.  Seriously you fat fucking pieces of turn ridden toilet crust, get lives.  I don't give a fuck about your day, 'nor does anybody else.  Time to get out of mommy's basement and in to the real world.  BTW, stop sticking vegetables in your assholes, we all know that every single one of you regular bloggers is a homosexual so just come out of that tiny little closet and get yourself a boyfriend.    BTW, anyone who disagrees with me is a fucking faggot and i will not respond to your comments because you're obviously too retarded to acknowledge scientific fact.  Jump off something high and spare a lot of people the depressing enigma which is your life. 




DirtyPretty Uploaded 04/16/2009
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