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New eRep Prize List


This is what I believe should become the new eRep prize list. They are all entertaining to the minds that view eBaumsworld and if used properly could cause serious bodily injury.



Level One

Purple Daisy - 5,000 eRep

Magnum Condoms - 10,000 eRep

Collection Of Ron Jeremy Videos- 50,000 eRep

Grizzly Cool Mint Dip- 72,000 eRep


Level Two

Actual Pair Of Anna Nicole Smith's Panties - 85,000 eRep

12" Rubber King Kong Dong Dildo- 97,000 eRep

Trip For Two to Thailand for actual Bangkok-100,000 eRep


Level Three

Dinner & a movie with Charles Manson-125,000 eRep

A Bill Clinton "Cigar job"- 150,000 eRep

A Trip to Amsterdam with a free everything pass- 175,000 eRep

8Ball Pure Colombian- 215,000 eRep


Level Four

Pack of smokes - 250,000 eRep

Juicy Juice Year Supply- 350,000 eRep

Motel 8 room in Portland with Lorddread- 450,000 eRep

BMW Isetta 300 - 750,000 eRep

Eastside_Dave Uploaded 04/19/2009
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