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Look Out For The Swine Flu!!


Has Obama been exposed to the SWINE FLU!?

Was Jay Leno hospitalized because of the SWINE FLU!?

Did Chris Benoit kill his family with the SWINE FLU!?

Did the pilots of 9/11 die from the SWINE FLU!?!?


It's not as if more Americans die from Influenza each year than AIDS. Know what kills Americans MORE each year than the flu? Being a fucking idiot. The total combined number of accidental deaths, be it from motor vehicles, firearms, and/or alcohol, kills more people each year. But what do you think the media would rather alert the average American about right now?

Shooting yourself in the face is not an acceptable cure for Heart Disease? Or that the flu is CONTAGIOUS?


Ok, media. You win. I'm terrified now. Lock your doors and hide your chilluns. The flu has turned into a plague, the likes of which this world has NO comprehension.


Oh wait......



Fuck yourselves, Fox News.

maiorano84 Uploaded 04/28/2009
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