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School Zones


I noticed this morning on my way to work, cause thats the only time I get on ebaums is when i'm at work, but anyway I noticed this morning on the way to work all the school zones I pass through....and it is freakin unbelievable!!  I pass through at least 7 school zones on my way to work...thats 7 school zones in a half messed up is that?!?  I never do slow down to the 20 mph that they ask...because I never realized it was a school zone till this morning...and 7 of them...that is so freakin nuts man!! 

So I just noticed that we can add links to the blogs with the link button in here....but we're not supposed to promote I wont promote media but I will add a link just to use it.  Click  Ok there it is!!  I made a link...and it is on the word "Click"....but man really though 7 school many people here go through that many on there way to work?


ADLife Uploaded 04/29/2009
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