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Man O' Man


Ever have the feeling that no matter what you do you are about to explode from built up anger and emotion, that you keep inside to not show anyone how you truely feel? Waiting for that unlucky motherfucker to say the wrong thing to you or look at you with that goofy douchebag look?

(Breaking benjamin - rain)

I've been holding back my feeling for what feels like forever, I never expressed my feelings from losing my brother in front of me. And even as I write this I start to lose what was in my mind and what I want to express.


Nobody that I grew up with are around anymore, they have passed, moved away, prison, or in the middle east. It seems like I fucked up my plans that I had set out for myself, I was going to leave for the Navy a year ago, I've had chances to go to college numerous times, all because I thought I had a ton of time to hang out with my friends and bull shit around. Now I'm the only one around. And I'm nowhere.



edit: portolet loves my man juice












Eastside_Dave Uploaded 04/29/2009
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