Whay Facebook Sucks Ass and is Resplendent in Lame-osity

I don't have a MySpace account because I believe that if you are over 35 and have one, you'd better be promoting your band of you are just creepy.

I have a Facebook account and have made some observations about the sight:

Most people use it to write mindless, mundane crap. A typical wall entry will read, "Going to dinner tonight with friends," or "Tired of the rain." Just like some of the blogs on EBW, I want to scream, "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY SIMPLY SAY NOTHING!!!"

People usually post messages on FB while they are at work. They say things like, "At work really bored!" I have an idea... maybe if they did some fucking work they wouldn't have to be on FB complaining of boredom.

I have actually seen people writ from their workplace, "I need a new job." My advice: Keep your monitor open to this page and when the boss walks by you can start LOOKING for one.

Mostly FB sucks because of all the lame-ass applications thay want you to download. They have apps that let you virtually have a pillow fight or a squirt gun fight or virtually suck someones lollipop. The VIRTUAL means if you do it, a message will appear on your "victim's" homepage saying, "ugdork sucked your lollipop." You then receive usless points. To participate, you must SPAM friends by inviting them to play the moronic game.

They also have stupid-ass personality tests with names like, "What anti-depressant are you?" or "What dirty word are you." or "What 70's show are you?" It then displays your results for your friends to see... as long as you SPAM some of them first. No lie!

I always write smartass shit like, "ugdork took the test, 'What 17th centure philosopher are you? He is Descartes.'" or "ugdork took the test, 'What type of toothpick are you. He is the flat kind.'"

They also have a "Pick your 5 favorite..." app. This is where you can choose 5 of your favorites from various catagories like cereals, candy bars, movies, etc. One of my friends did the 5 favorite TV shows app and the results were shown. She actually wrote that she would have picked other shows but these were just the 5 best among the choices FB offered. WTF??????

I wrote a comment that she could always have thrown caution to the wind and just, God forbid, written her 5 favorite shows without taking the dumb-ass quiz.

All in all they want you to take the quizzes, download the apps, SPAM your friends so that their ad's will register hits. I guess it's not much different than this sight but at least I didn't have to download the app, "5 Things That Suck Ass about FaceBook," in order to make my point and I didn't have to SPAM my friends to view my results. 

Uploaded 05/05/2009
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