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Try this at a bar...


I'm pretty bored at work so I decided to share this little..... I dunno what to call it... I guess a joke, but it's not really a joke - more like a 'skit?'

Anyway, one of my friends came up with this, I guess, I dunno whether he made this up himself or if he stole it from someone, or some movie or something, I really have no idea... but it cracked me the fuck up the first time I heard it, and it's actually gotten us a few phone numbers (sort of) since it can sometimes be a great icebreaker.

Or sometimes people just think we're idiots.

Getting on with it....

The deal is, if someone sets you up for it  you have to follow thru no matter what youre doing. Hitting on chicks, sitting at the bar next to some strangers, standing in a silent elevator, pulled over by the cops in a traffic stop when you have 4 grams of crystal meth sitting exposed in the center console, you HAVE TO DO IT.


The setup is as follows--


Setter-upper: "Man, it's a good thing I ate lunch..."


Then, continue the exchange as such (NO LAUGHING)--


The Mark: "Why.. what'dja have for breakfast?"


Setter-upper: "All I had for breakfast was a couple grapes and a handful of toenail clippings I found on the floor..."


Then, the Mark must say, with complete and utter disgust, repulsion and contempt--




"I hate grapes...."

KinokoSama Uploaded 05/11/2009
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