Damn i just had the strangest fucking dream about that movie Phantasm. It was halloween and went trick or treating to this big old house. When you get there instead of candy this creepy old lady gave me and a couple of other people this wicked scary looking masks. When you put them on there was this very small needle in the back that gave you a very very powerfull drug that made you hallucinate. From then on out it was like i was in the movie. At the end of my dream the drug finally wore off and i still had the mask but the other 3 peopel i had been with had died from the drug. Somehow i managed to escape with the mask and put an end to the horror, The main reason it is so strange is because i  very very very rarely remember my dreams at all and last time i can think of one that seemed this real was about 3 years ago. Another strange bit was that my cousin and an old bf were ones to rescue me and take me home.

Any one else have a stranger dream?



Uploaded 05/13/2009
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