Calling out the ebaumBLOGGER

Phew, the ebaumblogger has its own series now, desperate for attention, just harrasing the only two people that stop this section from being an all sausage fest, the platypuss and strghtjcktgrl. This is kind of a riddle for me. Why them? why the only 2 girls in this section...hmm, who would call and tease 2 girls about being gay, have knowledge of how to hack the site thumbs and ratings, or has 20 separate accounts? So, i came to this: ebaumBLOGGER IS a girl (she chose the girl avatar before grabin the old platypuss one) with v jealousy/psychopathic issues and is also an old user from this site and this blog section. Guessing allready who fits the profile?

I came to the conclusion that ebaumBLOGGER is...Creepin Jennie. Thats right, im calling you out CJ, i dont respect the shit you write behind someone elses picture. Just come forward, say that you ARE CJ and cut the crap. There's a lot of room over here if you want to come back. That is all. Bubye.

Uploaded 05/13/2009
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