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The Adventures Of Platypuss


One day platypuss awoke in her room, filled with disgusting french delicacies. She noticed something small and hard in between her legs.

" What the fuck is that! " yelled platypuss.

" It's your morning wood. " replied the gay prostitute in her bed.


Platypuss then got out of bed and got dressed in her least butch clothes, her overalls.

She started walking down the street to get the mail when she saw a helpless blind orphan bend over to pickup something he had dropped. Instead of helping him, she had surprise buttsex with him!

What an evil bitch! What a french whore! What a dirty french asshole!

She transfered her AIDS, herpies, gonnorhea, and swine flu to the poor blind orphan!



honkity_honk Uploaded 05/18/2009
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