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Car Companies, the Government, and You


So, by now we all know that the new mileage standards have been released, leaving me with a couple of questions.

The government "bailed out" the car companies, obviously meaning they have no fucking money!!! How are GM and Chrysler going to pay for research, new equipment, etc. to build these cars? I hate to say it, but the answer is once again, the taxpayers (Good job Obama).

The next thing that confuses me. These cars are going to cost a couple thousand more than cars do now. Due to the recession, a lot of people cannot afford the car they have now. How does the government expect people to buy these cars, if they cannot pay for the one they have now.



P.S. Gas has gone back up (shocker). My very last question is: How are the Democrats going to spin this and blame it on Bush and the Republicans?

Ihavenolife999 Uploaded 05/20/2009
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