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Ok so today ...Here is what happened.


Well today I was trying to find a mechanic .Long story short I found him. Yup .Uneventfull huh? Also I killed a toaly large dragon with my +2 sword of fire.. Totaly pwned his ass.


So wtf Rednote? Who left ? Elimem ? CreepingFugly? Eshlopedophile?

That is so fucking strange.Eh well.

Ok Now If you woke up tomorrow and you had to pick between being a mentaly retarded midget or being a female ebaums blogger wich would you pick?  And why?


I would so be the midget because then When I die I can come back as a gnome. And grant wishes. Why do they they have a make a wish foundation? They should have that for death row inmates.... Except instead of giving them what they want,  we just kill them and film their reactions when they get their wishes REJECTED.  Man You guys know any good gorey web sites im bored..


Yeah so I'm Outy peace Matt the leader of zombies and inbred mechanics.

theliquidsinner Uploaded 05/25/2009
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