Porno Pitch Idea

Hello, I have recently acquired extracurricular employment reviewing pornograms.  This has led me to develop a fondness for these cinematographs. While they are not the most enjoyable, I feel that they are often directed and mismanaged by imbeciles. This is why I am proposing this week a few ideas for new pornograms, and all I require is independent funding to create them, and you can look forward to their presence on your local cinema bazaars. - Walt


Tranniesformers - Revenge of the Bent OverAll will enjoy this amazing sequel to the pornogram Tranniesformers. Orgasmus Prime and his faithful sidekick Bumblebutt face the menace of the evil Lubritron. This pornogram picks up where the last film got off. The alien race of Tranniesformers have to leave Earth and return to their home planet of Cyberthong, to save it before it is devoured by the planet eater Vulvus Maximus. Vulvus is seeking revenge on the Tranniesformers after their betrayal. Vulvus serviced all the Tranniesformers, giving them the power of the tranny matrix, but they refused to return the favor. Can Orgasmus prime unlock the tranny matrix in time to save his home world? Does Lubritron have the power left to thwart the treacherous Whorescream? Will Bumblebutt "come" to the rescue? All these questions and more will be answered in the epic pornogram. Expect big budget special effects, a star-studded cast, special cameo by Rupaul and more as we uncover the true secret of the Tranniesformers (hint: they're "more than meets the eye"), where Tranny becomes Tyranny.

Uploaded 05/26/2009
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