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Weed of the Week


Todays winner of weed of the week

STRAWBERRY KUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there it is the winner of week 1 in the weed of the week tournament.

Dark green with red hairs, this strain won it be a long shot alex, almost 20 FURLONGS!!!!!!

A sticky bud, a grinder was used and then smoked in a blunt. Look chuck, BLUNT+STRAWBERRY KUSH = WEEEEKK 1 WINNNNEEEER

Barry, the crowd is going wild out here!!!!

A nice taste that didnt burn you throat, as good to look at as it was to smoke.Im gonna make a bold statement Kristy, Top 5 dead or alive.

It was a god strain playing among meer mortals. The zeus of greek gods of weed. Or jupiter if your roman. Whatever floats you boat.

Recommendation- smoke strawberry kush pronto.

Well, Sam, week 1 of the weed of the week tournament has kicked off and we will meet you back here next week folks for another round of Weed OF THE Week!!!!


x22tizzle Uploaded 06/02/2009
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