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It all started 4:68 a.m. this morning.

I opened up my email inbox to find a fucking paragraph that just plain pissed the fuck out of me, filled with very innapropriate photos of an ebaums user.....that user WAS ME.

They  claimed I was horny and drunk, and sent them a picture of me, how could I resist? They told me "You dont have to hide it anymore". "Please dont be angry I know we had a little fight last night. I recieved those custom made rubbers in the mail last week, very NAUGHTY." "You have back problems don't you?" Im not mad at you, you didnt have to post our conversation for everyone to see. I know you have been trying to catch my attention with those kinky little videos of you, you are suck a horse, but dont worry I wont tell. It just cant workout between us. you seem like a nice MAN but I have been trying to settle down. We could still be friends as long as you stop sending me those god awful videos of you and those Thai woman."

Eastside_Dave Uploaded 06/07/2009
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