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This will be short because I know the topic is boring as hell but have you noticed the price of fuel rising?  America is doing everything right and we still get screwed, and what I mean by doing things right is we are using less gasoline and buying less and driving less and yes there is a difference in all three things. The price of crude manufacturing has stayed the same so what is the cause of the price of crude going up? well it is because people are more optimistic about our economy and I know you say "say it ain't so Bo" but it IS!!!! If anybody asks you how you feel about our economy you say we are all doomed and hang your head down and maybe just maybe we will be to afford a tank of gas. FUCKING fuel speculators are doing it again people and we WILL pay the price and I know you want to ask "Bo what do we do?" Well dont ask me I am just here to complain.


Thanks for reading Bohank

bohankeeton Uploaded 06/08/2009
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