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In case you all dont know I have beetles in my vagina! Sometimes I give the beetles names one of them is named niggens mcaffrey the other one I call noodlecreme. Would you like to help me name the beetles? Sometimes I welcome a couple of roaches in but not too many because they multiply fast! Sometimes when I take a shit I pick up the turds and shove them into my pussy because the beetles need something to snack on every now and then. Sometimes I go behind dark allies and give blowjobs to big fat niggers! I like the way that the yogurt tastes, It's very satisfying! Today I had sex with 11 elephants I like big fat hairy greasy sweaty dirty smelly fat cock inside of my asshole!


I like to peel crust off of my vagina and eat it! sometimes I mix it in with diarhea and spread it over the bread I make when I have a yeat infection!

Vaginal_Beetles Uploaded 06/08/2009
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Tags: gross fungus


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