What a great day for a cheap hooker!

Today I let out the stinkiest most rediculously putrid qweef ever! This qweef should be in the guiness book of world records! I felt sorry for all of the beetles up inside of my pussy hole, a couple of them died because this qweef was so disgusting. I have decided that I am going to call the guiness book of world records today to ask them if they will accept this as a world record I quickly captured the smellly qweef and put it in a jar for them to observe. Early this morning behind a seven eleven dumpster I was giving out free blowjobs when all of a sudden I found a coool used vibrator! I had nowhere to put it because my vagina was full of glass bottles and razor blades so I just shoved it in my anus. Then when I got home I snorted a big fat rock of crack cocaine and began reading my favorite novel The Adventures Of Hillary Hairy Clit Clinton! I shoved a piece of moldy cheese in my crotch for the beetles to snack on. My crotch is so smelly right now and your not gonna believe what I foung in there A whole roll of paper towls! Now I will have something to shove up my asshole to stop the hemeroids! Sometimes I have to use an icepick to scrape the crust off of my vagina because it gets so hard and it tastes like sour cream and mushrooms.

Uploaded 06/09/2009
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Tags: nasty


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