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If any of you are interested in the paranormal, conspiracies, urban legends, extraterrestrials and anything otherwise controversial, you should really check out Coast to Coast AM. For those who dont know (those who do, awesome) you can catch the show on AM radio everynight between midnight and 4 am.

Tonight's show (June 10th) is about 911 and why around 700 architects and engineers believe there is evidence of controlled demolition and are calling for a re-investigation.

I started listening to the show when i worked nights and i make it a point to tune in if im home alone at night. Some of the stuff is a bit over the top for me but ill share a few links with you guys and leave that decision up to you.


Here's the link for the local radio station in my area where you can live link the show on your computer. just click "listen now"                                               

Here's the official Coast to Coast site where you can find info on past shows and locate a radio affiliate in your area.      





Uploaded 06/10/2009
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