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My rap!


ya bitch, I said I pissed in yo mamas ear because she acted like a queer. Than I found a reindeer and I raped it bitch. Because nigga I dont muthafuckin hitch I hike, bitch. So if you see me nigga I will jizz on yo mofuckin pancake, and my dick is like a sirloin steak! Pinkcookie sent me a vid of a donkey jizzin on her face, and then I sprayed tha bitch in the ass with mace, she screamed and yelled out " aw fuck! " Than I choked my duck in her face nigga! I jizz out swiss cheese make it smell moldy when I pees bitch! I shit out spam Right into yo inbox Than Ill fuck ya and give ya CROTCH ROT! You want some pot nigga, I gots all ya need bitch, I got atomic haze, dutch dragon, strawberry kush! My weeds so good it will make you grow a bush biattccchhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaginal_Beetles Uploaded 06/16/2009
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