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Volcomelement34 still loves me..


pinkcookiecrush Hi babe 7:16pmvolcomelement34 could you take that blog off please 7:16pmpinkcookiecrush Are we in a fight? 7:17pmvolcomelement34 Why do you keep screwing with me for your own amusement? 7:17pmpinkcookiecrush you seem to do it to people 7:17pmvolcomelement34 like who 7:18pmpinkcookiecrush my good friend cloudseatplanes for one 7:18pmvolcomelement34 She said she was fine with it and you started screwing with me first 7:19pmpinkcookiecrush did I hurt your feelings? 7:19pmvolcomelement34 yes just take it off please 7:19pmpinkcookiecrush tell me you love me and I will delete it 7:19pmvolcomelement34 fine I love you 7:19pmpinkcookiecrush you don't really mean it 7:20pmvolcomelement34 Seriously just take it off please

pinkcookiecrush Uploaded 06/18/2009
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