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Aunt Flow


I hate it when my boyfriend stacks stuff on the bed. i absolutely can not stand sleeping with a pile of crap right next to me. apparently this doesnt bother some people...and that irritates me as well.

i cant stand it when my step dad makes some kind of meat for dinner and leaves the plastic packaging in the sink. the sink is not a fucking trash can! wtf people. why?

i hate it when my friend (you know the one with the huge curly fro) brushes his hair with my hairbrush. and leaves curly little pubies all over my sink. cut your damn hair.

maybe im just on my rag right now and every little ANNOYING FUCKING THING is getting on my nerves. is it coincidence that every irritating person on the face of the earth is a male? idk. thought id share. ill take those ereps now.

sublime5 Uploaded 06/20/2009
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Tags: rag


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