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TOP TEN First Thoughts Upon Hearing About the Death of Michael J


10. Great. Now every douchebag's gonna dress up as Thriller for Halloween.


9. Wait - why did they put his own child on his corpse?


8. I won't believe it until they dangle his remains over a balcony.


7. Who gets the rights to the Beatles' songs? DIBBS!


6. Were the paramedics singing "Beat It" while they pounded on his chest?


5. I can't believe he showed up to the hospital in his pajama pants!


4. I guess "Weird Al" Yankovic was right - he ate it.


3. Jeez, you stay away from Pepsi for that long out of superstition, but ONE little sip....


2. D'AAAHHH!! I just got a visual: Post-formaldehyde!


And the number one First Thought Upon Hearing About the Death of Michael Jackson...........


1. Finally, all those little boys' assholes get a DIFFERENT kind of comeuppance!

fullrobotchubby Uploaded 06/25/2009
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