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The Santa Man....


Someone left a comment about santa claus being odd by breaking into our houses every year to leave little kids gifts. This is because he is a child molesting crackhead. He breaks into our house to see what we have, so later on he can come back and steal it when hes not santa. The crack is what made this old man go crazy and plus the russians did a brain probe on him when he brought them their crack. He made up santa so he could fool parents and their children into thinking hes a harmless old man, that way he could have little chidren sit in his lap. *wink wink* And why he comes into our houses at night to give our little kids present is so he can "watch them while their sleeping." So think about this next christmas when you leave cookies out for santa the molesting crackhead. 

cortana89 Uploaded 06/26/2009
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