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Who am i


just a little blog about who i am - or more specificly who Hekko is

I have had the name hekko for about 5 years it is my game name first origionally created by misspelling hello (k is beside L) when i got a new keyboard it was widder then my last one making me type hekko when i was saying hello to some one.

Anyways i play a lot of games probally over 3000 in computer games most of that recorded... I started with halo combat evolved was one of the best (beat the best) - I have the games CSS - every Half Life - CoD 4 - Halo - AoE 3 - WoW - AoE 2 - Warcraft 3 - Guild wars - CS 1.6 - Diablo 2 - BF 2 - Havnt played most for long but still most are fun - I am awake till often 3-4 i dont do much with my life off a computer during the summer - Anyways thats basicly who i am as hekko - other life completly different

hekko Uploaded 06/27/2009
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