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Sheza's Fuck You List


To the following people, places, things, situations: FUCK YOU!

-credit card debt


-sticky shit on the floor that never comes off

-low disk space

-the economy





-that bitch at McDonalds who opened the door into my kid's head and then bitched at me instead of apologizing

-people who have no kids but still need to tell you exactly what is wrong with yours

-my bedroom carpet



-gray hairs

-the people responsible for making my wrinkles and my gray hair

-the entire afternoon programming line up on the Disney channel.  Fuck Hannah, Carly, Zach, Cody, and the whole lot of them.


-baby fat

-carpal tunnel syndrome






-family drama

-competitive parenting

-irreversible decisions


-house work

-that crack in my windshield

-the stupid truck that flung the rock that cracked my windshield

-that little security troll at my school that gives me a ticket every fucking time I forget my hangtag

-people who sell cheap halloween costumes on ebay but neglect to mention that their cat has spent the last 8 months pissing on your purchase

-admissions essays


-fruit flies

-compulsive shoppers


-sharp edges and corners

-milfs who make me feel bad about myself

-disintegrated friendships

-impossible possibilities


-awkward silences

and finally...

-President Bush


Ah.  That is so theraputic!  You guys have to try this!

shezagodds Uploaded 06/28/2009
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