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All Against Blatte cockroaches

  1. The color is yellowish-brown, with two longitudinal brown stripes on black pronoto. Both sexes have wings well developed, which generally use when they are disturbed.
    This species has the ability to climb on the walls smooth and vertical, thanks to the special structures in the feet (pulvilli).
  2. He lives and grows in dark places with high humidity, preferably on porous surfaces (paper, wood, etc.). With food readily available. These areas are "marked" with pheromones present in faeces (each species produces a different pheromone).
  3. The end result is that there are residues of feces around and inside crevices in wooden ceilings, engines refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, kettles, coffee machines.

 eeee THEN...KILL IT....:]

ummm..yes but as??? :)

   1..Call a hunter blatte (LOL)
   2..Use the baygon (putting poisons around, your kitchen is at risk, for you, the    environment, for dogs, cats, etc. for hamsters. Give me straight, bought my
RIFLE...!!!!) :]
    3..the method most effective and economical (THE BROOM) :]] is real!!!
That is the advice of sayter90.. (sorry my English is not very good)
sayter90 Uploaded 07/28/2008
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