There I was sitting at a movie, it was weird as this was the first time I had gone by myself.  I sat there smack in the middle of the theater with my popcorn and pop and bag of gummies.  People were milling in and finding their seats, couples being all cute and lovey.  A few other singles, I had never really noticed people alone in a theater before but it made me feel more at ease and I relaxed a bit. 

Just as the previews started in walks this cute girl with curl hair, I couldn't take my eyes off her, she seemed to own the room even though she was also there alone.  to my surprise our eyes locked and I was stuck in a trance, taking aback by her.  Not my regular type, as a matter of fact almost a polar opposite.  To my amazement she started to climb the stairs and walked down the row behind me, I thought our moment was over.

All of a sudden a foot comes over the seat beside me and before I know what is going on she jumps into the seat and asks with the sweetest voice "can I sit here?"  I studder 'sure, i guess' totally surprised and unprepared for the situation.  I am sweating bullets trying to play it cool.

As if we had know each other forever this gorgeous women reaches over and starts eating my popcorn and says "you don't mind, do ya?"  I smile and say 'sure, but you are probably gonna want some pop too, I hope you like sprite'  and she smiled at me and just started to sip the straw!!  I was in awe, totally amazed at what was going on. 

She starts to chit chat with me, never introducing herself or asking who I was or what my story was and I followed suit not wanting to cause waves.  We talked about how long we had waited to see this movie and how excited we were to see what happened to one character or another.  Our conversation flowed like a couple of old friends, for about 10 minutes until the movie started.  She continued to share my popcorn and pop and our fingers kept touching as we went for a snack at the same time, to be honest I waited for her to make a move so I could get to feel her skin, it gave me chills.

The movie seemed to be dragging and before I noticed she was snuggling into my shoulder.  Laying her head on me, letting those curls flow over me.  The sweet aroma has me delirious with desire and following her lead I grab her hand and we intertwine our fingers, not speaking just enjoying.  As the movie ends we both start to 'sober' up a bit and realize that we are both snuggling complete strangers.  For some reason we never release the grip on each others hands.  I lead you out of the theater and we both squint from the sunshine on this hot summer day. 

I am once again taken back at your natural beauty in the light of the mid afternoon, your sexy curves, long legs and obvious amble boobs accentuated by a bit of the sexiest cleavage i had ever seen.  It was as if her boobs were straining to pop out of the sexy striped button up she had on.  I pause to stare at her sculpted calves and perfect toes.  She truly was a vision in that flowing white skirt.  I ask if she would like to come back to mine get to know each other a bit and go for a swim in my pool.  She jumped at the chance as she wiped a small bit of sweat from her brow.

She followed me to my car and jumped in, I never protest but just smile as she sat in the passenger seat and immediately start touching buttons, the a/c the radio.  Luckily she liked what I was listening to, cheesy 80's pop and we both start singing out loud with the windows down and laughing on the ride to my house.  I tell her I am right around the corner as we are waiting at the last light. 

She stopped singing and looked over at me and smiled, then leaned over and kissed me, full on - right on the lips.  She tasted so sweet, we explored each others mouths, tongues lips.  I couldn't get enough, I reached my hand around and and pushed my fingers into her hair at the back of her neck and pulled her in to keep the kiss as long as I could.  She pushed my away and said the light is green and flashed me a quick smile as she sat back down into her seat.  She starts to sing again and again I follow her lead. 

As we pull into my driveway she smiled at me and said what a nice property but she couldn't take her eyes off my Cherokee, beat down and covered in mud.  She smiled and asked what other toys I have, I just point to the shed and say have a look.  She walked in like she owned the place, I stayed a few steps back, just in awe of her presence.  She ran her hand along my bike and my wheeler, took a seat on my snowmobile and then played with some of my bows and i can tell she was not like most girls and certainly not like any girl who had ever seen my toys. 

"I say we should go around back and grab a chair on the deck and I will grab us some beers,"  she followed me around just looking all over and seeing what was there.  She sat in my chair, all comfy and cute.  She smiled as she said "you don't mind if i sit here, do ya?  it just looks so worn in and comfy"  I say sure even though inside i was a little bothered.  I go inside and grab some beers, hand you one and we sit and drink, listening to the wind and just enjoying the afternoon sun.  She unbutton the top 2 buttons on her shirt, almost releasing those massive jugs and I feel a twinge in my pants as I hope that third button breaks off. 

We finish our beers and never really talk much.  I get up to go inside and grab some more beers, as I walk away I say 'my name is Jay, seems really odd that I don't even know your name!!' and I laugh a little to myself.  As I get back outside I dont see you at the table, I look around and don't see you anywhere. 

I hear a big slash over at the pool.  As I walk over I notice your striped shirt on the grass then your sandals and your flowing white skirt and then sexiest pair of boy cut shorts I have ever seen with little colorful hearts all over them.  This was blowing my mind and the pool comes into view and i see the sexiest bare white ass i had ever seen swimming toward me.  She pulled herself up at the edge of the pool peeking her head out and looking up at me with the water streaming over her face.  "I was hot and needed a dip, are you coming in?"  I was blown away as I set the beers down and tear off my shirt and shorts, revealing me semi-hard on and she just smiled, grabbing her beer and taking a long drink. 

I jump into the pool and just as I surface she was there in front of me planting a deep kiss on me, pushing her magnifiecnt naked body onto mine, wrapping one leg around me and grinding her pussy into my now raging cock.  Even in the pool I can feel the heat from it.  We kiss for a what seemed to be hours, our hands caressing each others bodies she reached down and grab my cock and push it into her clit, rubbing the head of my rock hard rod all over her pussy and flicking it onto her engorged clit.  Even with the water I can feel how wet she was, almost like her pussy was flowing out into the pool, just begging for me to plunge my cock into her. 

I pushed her over to the edge of the pool and lifted her up out of the water onto the edge.  Spreading her legs open I bent down and plunge my tongue into her.  She tasted so sweet and I cant get enough, I lick her up while I listen to her moan in the sun, feet almost vibrating in the water beside me.  She grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me deeper into her, I tongue fucked her as if I am saving her life, licking that pussy and pushing my tongue into her clit.  I can feel her pussy tensing up trying to hold onto my tongue as she gets close to cumming.  This only makes me work my tongue faster and harder as I want her to cum, I want to taste her cum!!!  My hands grabbing at her ass pulling myself into her as she leaned back and exploded, juices bursting out of her pussy.  She tasted so good, "I want your cock in me NOW"  she said as she pulled me up. 

I step up into the stairs and place the head of my cock at her pulsing pussy teasing her just a bit as she started to rock her hips and try and mount me mumbling that she needed me inside of her.  I grabbed my cock and flicked her clit with it, sending her into spasm again -  juices streaming out of her and covering my cock making it grow even harder before my eyes. I swear it is going to bust open it is so hard.  I ram it deep into her, no slow no more teasing just a full deep fast thrust, my balls bouncing off her ass as I start to pump into her. 

She was leaning back moaning and screaming in ecstasy, her eyes rolled so far back into her head I swear I am hurting her.  All I can here her say is MORE, FASTER, DEEPER and HARDER.  I comply with her wishes slamming into her, water splashing up cooling us both off as sweat rolls off of us.  She was cumming like never before.  I snap back to reality as I realize I am gonna cum, to far to stop it now.  I pump her so hard she squeals with excitement as I fill her up completely.  Just as I am about to cum I pull out of her soaked pussy causing her to orgasm again and she grabs my cock and holds it as I spray cum all over her pussy and tummy, her other hand starts to play with it rubbing into herself.  She pushes me back into the pool and follows right on top of me as we cool off in the water and let most of the mess wash away.  As we come back to the surface she kisses me again, pulls off and says "nice to meet you Jay, I am Elizabeth but you can all me Beth or Bethany, I would like that" 

I smile and say 'funny i didnt think you were listening!!'



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