Moments that will haunt me forever

Some historic moments that due to their aberrant contents are now stuck in my subconscious:

-    1988: walking in my parents room, and catching them having hardcore sex, doggie style.

-    1993: my big sister listening to Ace of Base very loudly, over and over again, every day, for 2 months. My room was right next to hers, and my stereo wasnt as loud as hers. She allways won the sound battles with "i saw the sign"....arrgh!.

-    1998: waiting 1 hour for my high school girlfriend to get out of the bathroom with a pregnancy test, which came positive!.. It failed, thank god.

-    1999: mixing mescaline and booze at a stale college party;speakers playing men without hats "safety dance" as background music over and over again.

-    2001: getting drunk on cheap warm whisky mixed with diet pepsi, no ice, at 5 am.

-    2006-2009: watching "queen bunny", "pickle surprise" and most recently "its a candy bra!!!" among others, here on ebw.

There are lots more, but thats it for now. Feel welcome to write your own. 

> 08.05.2009: hitandrun83 painful fetish vid..thats just wrong.(i never edit a posted blog, but..)


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