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You've been bitching a lot lately about these "hired thugs to riot" at these town hall style meetings in favor of the Republicans. You talk about "how bad that is." How come it wasn't bad when your left-wing radicals protested at Bush's OWN HOME about the war in Iraq? That is just another example of the way people are today. It is ok, when Democrats do something, but if a Republican does something, it is completley wrong and they should be punished.

You wanna talk about bad? How about when Kerry was talking to that group of college students, and one got up to say something, and he was tased. Yeah, "don't tase me bro." An innocent protestor, who wasn't even being disruptive, was tased, for expressing his displeasure with one of Kerry's ideas.


Ihavenolife999 Uploaded 08/06/2009
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