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It is no wonder that our kids are coming out of school more stupid than they went in.Now I don't think they are all being turned into spineless little Nazi's,but a great number are being transformed.The ones that aren't being infected are the ones that have loving parents,that know for a fact that it doesn't take a fucking village.The kids today need to be taught that you can't always talk things out.The perfect example of one of the sorriest teachers to ever call himself a teacher is this fucking WALLBOY I still find it hard to believe that you are indeed a teacher.You I have figured out are a piece of cow dung.Do you not have anything constructive to say,I think not.I know that you will now go off on one of your vulgar self indulgent rampages.Now TOMLET I think that you are probably a fine teacher at least you are open to other opinions and open to discussion.I hope that you do realize that sometimes talking just doesn't always work and I hope that you relay this in some of your discussions.WALLBOY I wish I knew where you taught,so I could turn them on to your blogs,but you probably teach somewhere in California and then that would explain everything.WALLBOY,BUSH SENDS HIS LOVE.Where would your miserable life be without GEORGE W. BUSH.I really do pity your students.

Intimidate Uploaded 08/11/2009
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