Hello everyone.

In my last blog, i wrote about the event that has recently happened to me. Well i've come to report that i'm no longer angry, but i guess i've woke up. For the last few days it's been kind of like a dream. I guess this is what the corny novelists talk about.  Things have just floated by, and we've all kind of kept to ourselves. I know it worries my parents when i stick to myself, say good morning, and good night. and that's it for the day, but really, i really don't know how to handle this. The thing that's eating me the most is that my two year old sister won't have the fortune of having both of her parents together for as long as i did. And that really eats me up inside, cause she won't know any different. This is the first time i thought about this, and pretty much, the only time i've allowed myself to cry. There is no crying when you're the big brother. It's just not aloud.

Uploaded 08/20/2009
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