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volcomelement34's stupid blogs


ok I hate to be "that guy" that has to call someone out here, but this guy is just annoying me.


volcomelement34, why the hell do you have to post these lame, stupid-ass blogs that are completely asinine and hurt my brain?

I mean seriously, we dont give a flying fuck if you had sex with a stray cat.  We couldnt care less that you killed your sister and raped your mom.  And we damn sure dont care that you like to jack off your grandpa while he sleeps at night.

Stop posting this retarded shit thats messing up the blogging section.  I mean, honestly, I cant understand why you think its fun to just come in here and write this lame stuff just to try and get a rise out of people. 

Grow up, get a life, get laid, and come see us when youre a little more mature. 


Better yet, on second thought... dont come see us ever again.

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