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What next????


Before I tell my story this is not about "health care" it is about the hypocrisy of a church. Today I heard the Catholic church will not support any health care bill that allows any money to be given directly or indirectly to abortion. OK OK I get their reasons, the question I have is would they support any health care that had a "spa" for child molesters? We all know how they like to make sure this lowest of creatures is made to feel comfortable. The way the Catholic church handled the perverts in the first place is why so many people have lost their faith and that is a shame because churches are not necessarily about God. I found this all too funny and sad, where were these so called people of God when they allowed the other stuff to go on? I am going to repeat......churches are not necessarily God, it seems a lot of the time its quite the opposite. Keep believing, he IS out there.


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bohankeeton Uploaded 09/01/2009
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