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so ive been gone for my dear sweet ebaums for awhile. i usually only come on when im at my office, but since ive gotten a few more employees, its freed up my schedule for more drinking and video games. lucky me right?

anyway its been a rather interesting time with such fun highlights as getting black out drunk at my best friends birthday and proudly proclaiming myself to be a "spherical conundrum" to my girlfriend. what the hell exactly a spherical conundrum is i have yet to figure out. also on my greatest hits for that evening i woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the clock, and told my girlfriend, " oh fuck! you need to get the hell out of here, my girlfriends gonna be home soon!". then i promptly fell back asleep. shes been pissed ever since.

strangely, every guy i know thinks its the funniest thing ever. every girl thinks im a raging asshole. whatever. apparently that night i also told my cousins girlfriend that the most intelligent thing to ever come out of her mouth undoubtedly started in someones balls. shes pissed now too. maybe this whole 'leisure time' thing isnt such a good idea. anyhoo, im gonna try to be on more now, i miss the blog section

sindicate Uploaded 09/03/2009
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