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Featured...or is it?


I posted a gallery about funny subtitles a few days back, and to my delight, it had a "Featured" label on it.  Now as far as I knew, there was a 12 hour wait period between the label and when it hits the front page.

So I waited...a day passed...then two...then...three....and now I'm wondering if it's ever gonna hit the front page at all! (yes, I'm a whinny bitch, wanna fight about it?)


I've tried enquiring to the Ebaum gods but to no avail.  So my question goes out to the ladies and gentlemen (and possibly hermaphrodites) of ebaums.  Is there a new wait time for a feature to hit the front page or has my submission been overlooked?


I'd be greatful for any input,


Starkweather Uploaded 09/06/2009
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