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Effin College Books


Guddam I hate college. Living in California, my tuition went up 20%. So did service that were free or cheap. My savings became depleted quickly for this year's college costs. Tuition, parking pass, books, ect. I haven't sold back any of my books back from my previous semesters so in desperate attempt to gain some money, I went to I put the isbn in for all my books. For books for 3 semesters, a total of approx 1k, came out to a little over a hundred dollars on that site. Hell, I barely open books! I always pass though. So my books are in basically perfect condition and yet, I would only make approx 1/10 of the price i paid. That effin blows man. School Sux.

Is there any other websites that I could get more money for my books?

KPness Uploaded 09/08/2009
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