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St Augustine Weekend


So My girlfriend (what's her name)and I went to St Augustine for the weekend and here are a few dos and don'ts


  • arrange your tours in advanced
  • take the stupid pirate cruise (loads of fun)
  • get a trolley ticket (8,000,000 degrees in the shade)
  • drink lots of water
  • expect to spend lots of money
  • eat everything that will fit in your mouth
  • tour flagler college (austentatious display of 19th century vulgar wealth)
  • take a ghost tour (those fuckers scare the shit out of me)


  • Shave your head the day prior to going to florida (ouch)
  • drink so much that you forget when the trolley stops running
  • go to the wax museum
  • throw up on stupid pirate cruise (loads of fun)
  • take innocent (accidental) pictures of other hot girls (besides whats her name)
  • give the waitress your credit card # in the microbrewery then spend 9 hrs drinking microbrews (see trolley)
  • visit St Augustine til Feb or March(8,000,000 degrees in the shade and 100% humidity)
  • leave your camera with accidental pictures on trolley after microbrewery
  • expect anything (including a civil word) from whats her name the entire last day

Would I do it again? You betcha

Would I take whats her name? probably so

Thanks Mjrf


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