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Enough is enough, homeboy.

Relax, okay, I understand you're excited. So was I when I first discovered the Webernet, and again when I discovered eBaum's. But seriously, as much as I love free speech, and the sharing of criticism and critique, and all the shades and variations thereof (I discuss philosophy, for crying out loud!!!)--you need to stop. If Pepper or LordD or whoever doesn't ban your ass, I'll be shocked and dismayed, but at the very least they're gonna wanna delete your blogs anyway cause it's in the rules--no spamming, no repeat posts.

I haven't even read your stuff, so please don't take this personally. Take me not reading this way: you wrote so much I got turned off. Seriously. IF you put something up that intrigues me, I'll jump, but until then..sorry.

Anyway, it seems you've taken the "I'll write what I want, when I want" tactic. Cool. Expect the same respect from the people established on here as you've shown us with how you've behaved. Right now, you're the guy at the party on X that just won't shut up (again, not a personal jab, I just do insult comedy. Consider it an honor--right, BlueRed and ShitSoRunny?)

Again, looking forward to finding another interesting writer on here. Whether or not its you is up to... you!

Hugs and Kisses, CBear47


P.S. Wallboy, this blog isn't about you. Is it?

CBear47 Uploaded 10/14/2009
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