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global warming my ass


They say we need to worry about global warming and the ice caps melting right? They say its getting hotter and hotter each year. Well aparently global warming missed new england. Then why the hell is it snowing in october? WTF! It is way to earlier to be snowing, because i really don't feel like dealing with snow in october. If anyone was watching the patriots game today, it was snowing there which is at Gillette Stadium which is in Foxboro, MA (two towns away from me). So if no-ones believes me theres some proof for you. We didn't get a lot of snow but it's freezing balls out. It was warm in september, then cooled down, and we had like two days of fall now its winter. I don't get it, what happen to fall? This whole global warming thing is so damn confusing. what-ever aslong as we dont get like two feet of snow in like the next month i think i can deal with it.

thanks for listening


- jowad

jowad Uploaded 10/18/2009
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