I'm back NSFW but it is just words so screw that and read!!!

The feel of wind on my cheeks, swiftly rushing through my hair cooled me off on this smoking summer day.  I was in paradise biking through the trees, over the uneven ground.  My bike and I worked as one to traverse this great island I had been to so many times before.  I smiled as I could hear her coming up right behind me, pushing me, making pedal faster, look closer, push harder.  I could not remember the last time we had hit the trails like this, it felt fantastic pushing myself.  I could feel the muscles pumping, my heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my chest, the salty taste of sweat rolling down my face.  I loved the rush, branches smacking my shoulders, little bugs bouncing off my cheeks - the sweet sting made my skin tingle.

We rushed up and down the trails, it was a mad race against each other as much as against ourselves.  Neither one would give up first, I knew I would pedal till my heart exploded just to prove I could.  Luckily she knew my limits and had no problems stroking my ego by pulling up first.  I just smiled and laughed at her "Ha Ha - I win"  I yelled as I rode a quick dusty circle around her.  We both sat on our bikes and just rested for a few minutes in the sun, it was perfect as the warm beams poked through the canopy warming our cool moist skin.

Before I knew it she was off again and I was left trailing in her dust.  As much as I loved my ego to be stroked, the chase was even more fun.  She was out for blood today, as I watched her sculpted ass sat high in the air as she disappeared down the hill and around the bend.  I don't think my own ass even touched the seat on this last push, all I could do was pump my legs and try and hold on, I had never done this trail so hard before - every part of me ached, my joints popping, muscles tense - I felt alive, I could feel long forgotten muscles working just trying to keep up. 

I came around the corner and grabbed the brakes so hard I broke the damn handle.  Right in the middle of the trail was her bike, she left it there on purpose to see if I was paying attention.  I could hear her obnoxious giggle from the bushes as she watched me crash over our bikes.  Metal poking, trees scraping, rocks cutting.  GOD DAMN!!  I just lay there for a moment, in a crumpled mess bloody and sore but still I felt amazing - I had to laugh as this was her move, I always knew when the ride was over when she makes me crash.  I think it is the sadist in her, wrestling and fighting to get out although she did a great job of keeping the little demon at bay.

As I crawled to me feet, I noticed her standing at the edge of the bluff staring out over the lake.  The water was like glass andthe sun was blinding as it bounced off the surface right into our eyes.  Fuck she looked gorgeous silhouetted by the sun .  It was so intense all I could see was her outline.  We both sat down on the edge, legs hanging down like a couple of kids with no worries in the world.  This place was special, not another living soul for miles - it was like the whole world was ours.  We could come and go as we pleased, no fences or rules it was all ours.  I almost drifted off as I basked in the sunlight that afternoon only to be woken up at the sound of running footsteps from behind me.  I open my eyes just in time to see a swoosh of flesh run past me and launch off into the blue water 40 feet below.  I stand and wave my arms in protest until I realize how good the cool water would feel on my skin.  She waves her arms and yells for me to join her.  I can't strip off my shirt fast enough, tugging it over my head - the sweat soaked fabric clinging to my back and shoulders like a fat kid sticking to his chair after eating a whole chocolate cake!  I drop my shorts, jockeys, socks and shoes in one quick move.  Take a few steps back and launch myself into the world.

It felt like I was falling forever, the cool wind giving me goosebumps and the warm sun battling those bumps with warmth and light.  With a great splash I was snapped back to reality, my pupils dilated and my muscles tensed.  The water was welcome relief washing away all the dirt and sweat, blood and scrapes were soothed as my head emerged from under the surface. 

*****(Stop reading if you have not read my stuff from the past)**********

As I try and focus my eyes she was on me, wrapping her legs and arms around me kissing me deeply.  Exploring my mouth with her tongue, I could feel the warmth of her peach as she started to grind into me.  Her nipples pushed into my chest like little fingers, as she tightened her grip around me I could feel my Johnson growing, hardening waiting, wanting, knowing what laid ahead.  We kissed for years as we floated there in that warm water, my legs feverishly kicking trying to keep our heads above water.  Our hands groping at each other, exploring every nook and cranny. 

I pushed her off as I knew I could no longer keep us afloat, she followed as I swam over to the rocky shore.  I pulled myself up onto a big flat rock, the surface almost burning my skin it was so hot in the afternoon sun.  I turn over and again she was on me this time grabbing at my engorged cock, looking at it hungrily as she wrapped her lips around it.  I moaned in extasy, every now and then you could feel when she was actaully enjoying this and this was one of those times.  Her hair glistened in the sunlight as she worked my tool.  Our naked bodies dried bythe sun started to drip sweat as we got into the groove together.  I layed back and closed my eyes, hiding from the waves of the sun .  I could feel a shadow move over my face, just as I opened my eyes I was greeted by the sexiest smooth punanni, the aroma was intoxicating she was so wet with desire.  I welcomed her with a deep kiss, she tasted so sweet, I couldn't get enough as I grabbed her hips and forced her down onto my face.  Eating her pussy always made me harder, and this was no excpetion, I could feel myself growing in her hands and in her mouth.  She commented "Ah I can see you like that", my only response is to push my tongue farther into her and then dart it back out so I can lick her clit, now so swollen it feels like a little button that with each touch release waves of sex into her body.

She started to grind her peach down onto my face and I could tell she was gonna explode soon, I lapped at her tasting as much as I could.  Both of us moaning and moving in unison, I could feel her legs tighten as I pushed on her love button some more and before I know it she was cumming, hot juices flowing over my face and dripping down onto the rocks - fuck how I love how she squirted.  It always makes me feel like I am doing my job right when you know 100% she is not faking any part of it.  I quickly push my tongue into her convulsing pussy, it tasted so sweet.  The force of my tongue made her cum again!!

I could not take anymore as I pushed her off my face, she protested only for a second knowing what was coming.  She quickly sprawled back on the hot now soaked rock and parted her knees giving me a full view of her soaked gorgeous mound.  My member pointed the way as I knelt before her.  The animal in me took over as I thrust into her, no soft, no slow just pumping away like a jack hammer and she loved it.  The rock scraping her back with each thrust, her nails digging into my sides.  I bend forward to kiss her and thrust my full length into her.  I feel her stretching around me and then pain, she bit me splitting my lip right open.  I pull back just as she climaxes again, my hand instinctively covering my bleeding mouth.  She pushed off the rock with her hand, swinging me down onto my back again and she started to buck like a rodeo champion.  Screw 7 seconds I never wanted this to stop.  I grab at her bouncing tits, squeezing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers as she bounced on me like a drunken teenager on a moon bounce at the fair.

The sun once again silhouetted her, I smiled as the warm rays washed through her hair.  I was in heaven that afternoon laying out naked on that rock.  She continued to work me for a few more minutes until I could feel her start to clench down again, it felt like a warm grizzly hug on my log.  I could tell she was gonna go again, she lifted herself up and I grabbed myself and started to push into her clit making her cum again, waves flowing out like a river flowing down me and down the rock.  I thrust back into her, so tight and wet her pressure almost forcing me out.  I loved cumming together as I shot stream after stream deep into her, watching her convulse with each stream. 

She fell down on top of my heaving chest, our breath heavy and wet.  We lay in a daze on the hot rock for only god knows how long.  It was the whirring sound of a far off motor boat, followed by the echoing of laughter across the lake.  Luckily the island was surrounded by shallow rocky water and nobody ever came close, that was part of the appeal of this place.  The sounds snapped us back to reality as we both looked up at the bluff we now had to climb to get our clothes back, but not before one last dip in the water to cool down!!

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