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This TV shit is really getting out of hand. After watching an hour of pointless TV I actually thought about throwing my crystal vase at my 60inch Plasma!

.....within this hour I watched a woman cheat on her husband, sleep with a co-worker, a woman marry a cop serial killer and not even notice it, a show about a bunch of rich spoiled ass kids who get shit they didnt even come close to earning, and parents who dump their kids ( who are bad) to another family who know how to control their kids. This is what our children have to look up too? Oh not to mention the music videos! If i see another slut who sucked everyones dick on set just to sit next to the artist ( or be leading lady) Im going to scream! You can be sexy without being slutty. I dont blame it on the men at all, but I do blame it on the women. Why? Because a man will only do what you allow him to do to you. The world has changed because now we have children seeing their mother sell themselves shot and sleep with married men, or just be complete whores. I saw women who possed naked and actually wanted to be taken seriously. lol I think we should change the saying "you are what you eat" into "you are what you do."

Is it me or do bitches make you sick? Thank God Im not a danm man because you guys have a lot of nasty, stupid, ignorate ass shit to weed thorugh to find a woman thats actually worth your time. Ill keep monthly mentration, craps, pms, and even birthing pains over that shit. Good Luck Guys!


TrinidadGirl25 Uploaded 10/25/2009
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