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Going Rogue


So, is anyone planning on reading Sarah Palin's biography? It has already out sold Dan Brown's new book and the book about that dead guy. What was his name? Kennedy, something Kennedy. Ted, yeah that's it.

I think the best part about the success of her book is how the fringe lefties are going crazy. How can this happen? How could a book about Sarah Palin sell so many copies before it's even released? I love it.

It seems people either love her or hate her with little middle ground. I for one say congratulations, Sarah!

And by the way, why are the lefties so terrified of Sarah? You can't tell me they're not because if that was true they wouldn't take every opportunity to bash her. If she was truly insignificant they would let her slide off into obscurity.

schmokin Uploaded 11/04/2009
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